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Plague or Purpose

In dedicating the temple of the Lord, King Solomon said “when each one knows the plagues of his own heart...for you alone O’Lord know the hearts of all the sons of men,”. 

How interesting. The Children of Israel were no diffferent in that time then we are today. We each have things in our hearts that plague us. Things we don’t talk about. Places we go in our hearts that no one else knows, or sees. Hidden things.

What do plagues do? They make a wasteland out of our lives. They make our lives barren and unproductive. Where there are plagues...nothing grows. Plagues make us  desolate and desperate. They make us sick physically, emotionally and spiritually.

King Solomon could have said “when You make known to me the plagues of the hearts of the people, I will come and make confession and when You hear from Your place in Heaven, then forgive”. No, the King knew that each individual had to deal with their own plagues (sins) and make confession for them.

So it is today. We must each deal with the sins that plague our lives and confess them before the Lord. We know what they are. Don’t we? Of course we do. But it’s so easy to be quick to point out the sins of others... to point our finger at what others are doing, how others are dressing, where others are going, what others are saying, etc. Isn’t it?

Be very careful! Mat. 7:1~2 tells us to judge not, and how we judge others, we ourselves, will be judged in the same manner. But Psalm 51:10 says “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit  within me.”

King Solomon knew then that his people, Israel, did not have to live lives of desolation. He knew that the God of Israel had good things in store for them. Things that would enrich their lives and they would no longer spiritually wander through desert wasteland. He also knew it was their choice.

And it’s our choice today. We get to choose how we live. So let me ask you. Are the plagues of you heart worth living in a wasteland of unfulfillment and spiritual poverty? You don’t have to stay there one second longer. If you confess them before the Lord, He will forgive you, cleanse your heart and set your feet on a path of blessings and purpose.

It’s your choice. Which path will you continue down...plague or purpose?

Choose wisely,


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