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He Did Not Condemn

Why?  The world was already condemned.  If God Himself did not condemn the world then we as Christian shouldn't be adding to its condemnation.  Instead we should be setting a Godly example and showing the world the way out of it...

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The Snow

Thanking God for the recent snow and the ability to get out in it!...

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The Lot

Have you had something to come into your life that you didn't see coming?  Something completely unexpected and certainly unwanted?  Something that seemingly fell right out of the blue clear sky and right into your lap...?

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Things Accomplishes

The Lord will perfect (accomplish) those things that concern His will for our lives....(Ps 138:8)...

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Warm Winter Wishes

It's mid February already and winter has settled on us heavy this year.  We received 6+ inches of snow over the last 2 days ~ plus ice too.  Brrrrr.....I'm ready for Spring...

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