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Ann Voskamp – Christmas at the Farm

Hosting a group of ladies today for lunch to watch ~ Ann Voskamp & Liz Curtis Higgs webcast "Christmas At The Farm"...

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Quote from F.B. Myer

Recently heard this quote by F.B. Myer and thought it worth repeating...

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My Hope America with Billy Graham

Invite friends, neighbors and loved ones to watch this with you.  It's all about sowing seeds of God's love and forgiveness...

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Promises Kept

God's faithfulness to keep His promises isn't dependent upon my remembrance of them.  He is faithful...

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Are You Disconnected

Several times this week when I've turned on my computer the word "disconnected" appeared in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Disconnected ~ meaning I wasn't connected to the server and there was no information coming in and no information going out...

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