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Flag Day

Lord, we thank you for your kindness, mercy and goodness that you have so lovingly poured out on America.  We thank you for our country and the flag that represents the freedom that is founded in her. May she always freely wave over this nation and may we be a nation which remains under God.

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Heart Sick

Can you imagine how full David’s heart must have been, knowing that at long last the ark of the Lord was returning to its people ~ the Lord’s chosen people ~ David’s people. The story tells us that David sacrificed burnt offerings before the Lord and when he had finished he blessed the people, gave them gifts of wine, meat and bread ~ for it was a celebration. Then everyone went to his own house to celebrate in private if they chose to do so...

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Prayers for Japan

The images coming out of Japan are mind boggling.  So much so that they seem like something out of a Hollywood movie instead of real life. However, real people have lost their lives with thousands more in desperate need of food water and shelter.  Please join us in praying for the people of Japan, that they would know God has not forgotten them and has not deserted them. 

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